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Sacramento County Community Hazards and Nuisance Complaint Center: 875-5656

(Sacramento County Unincorporated Area Only)
     For your convenience, Sacramento County now offers a single phone facility for reporting any of the following hazards and nuisances:

  • Abandoned Vehicles:
    on public property for longer than three (3) days.

  • Air Quality Hazards:
    including smoke, pesticides, other airborne irritants.

  • Animal/Wildlife Damage and Hazards:
    skunk problems, animal bites, loose and stray animals, animals causing traffic hazards, and barking dogs.

  • Businesses operating without a license.

  • Flooding or Levee Problems:
    Levee breakage or overtopping, clogged storm drains, or flooding in the street or drainage ditch.

  • Hazardous Materials:
    Chemical spills or emergencies, illegal storage or disposal of automobile batteries, used crankcase oil, radiator fluid, or other hazardous materials.

  • Housing Conditions:
    Substandard housing or pest/vermin infestation.

  • Illegal Construction or Occupancy:
    Construction without a permit or occupancy of a substandard structure.

  • Road and Sidewalk:
    Pavement failure, potholes, unsafe sidewalks, and traffic hazards, as well as bushes, trees, fences, or other vision obstructions.

  • Unsanitary or Unsafe Premises:
    Raw sewage or excessive animal waste.

  • Weights and Measures:
    Irregularities in measurement involving gas pumps, scales, or other measuring devices.

  • Zoning Violations:
    Rubbish or debris around residences, automobile repair businesses (shade-tree mechanics) in residential neighborhoods, non-zoned livestock, occupied house trailers or motor homes, commercial vehicles in neighborhoods too long, building setbacks, illegal businesses, or non-conforming signs.

Nuisance Abatement:
Complaint Center 875-5656
TDD (For the hearing-impaired.) 875-8505
FAX 875-6736

Monday through Friday
7:00 am to 5:30 pm

Consolidated Utilities Billing and Services:
(916) 875-5555

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